Boys Format/Rules

  1. Games are fifteen (15) minutes; five (5) minutes between games.  Teams on deck – be ready to take the field promptly.
  2. No overtime, except in playoff games, if applicable (see overtime format below).
  3. Central horn will indicate start and stop time.
  4. Each game starts with coin toss to determine initial possession.
  5. Each team will play with four (4) field players and a goalie.
  6. Substitutions are permitted on the fly from the substitution area. The player exiting the field must be off the field entirely before her teammate can enter the field.
  7. The field is a full modified field with no offsides line and no restraining box.  
  8. Goal Scored — free clear when a goal is scored.  No face-off, just possession to team that was scored upon.
  9. Goalie Save – not a free clear.  
  10. Officials will do their best to enforce hard boundaries (end lines, side lines, crease).
  11. No stalling.
  12. Limited checking is permitted (stick checking allowed, no body checking permitted)
  13. All sticks to be no longer than 42” (no long poles).
  14. Fouls
    • All rules will be followed & enforced (i.e. charging, blocking, illegal check, etc.)
    • Change of possession will be awarded for offensive penalties and free reset for defensive penalties.
  15. All parents and fans must stay outside of the fenced area surrounding the turf field.
  16. Players and coaches must display good sportsmanship toward each other and the officials.
  17. Players must wear mouth guards and helmets at all times.
  18. Scoring:  officials will keep score and call out the score after each goal. Scores should be reported to the HQ tent.
  19. Point System:
    • Win – 3 points
    • Tie – 1 point
    • Loss – 0 points
    • Tiebreakers are 1) head to head record, 2) goals against, 3) goals scored.
  20. Honor the Game and Have Fun!!

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